How to Fix Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On?

How to fix Galaxy S21 won’t turn on. One of the big problems often experienced by Samsung users is when their smartphones won’t turn on.
Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On
Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On

How to Fix Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On? 4 Easiest Ways to Do

How to fix Galaxy S21 won’t turn on? One of the big problems often experienced by Samsung users is when their smartphones won’t turn on after being turned off for the empty battery. Even the smartphone is failed to turn on after being connected to the charger. So, what should you do if experiencing the same thing?

Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On

You should not worry too much about it. It doesn’t always mean that your smartphone is severely damaged that needs a solution in the service center. You can try to fix it yourself with some methods below.

1. Check the Charger

Instead of thinking that the smartphone is the main problem, you should check the charger first. There are more reasons that the charger is damaged as the cable consists of microwires that can be easily cut off. To check it, use other smartphones.

If the smartphone you charge using the same charger cannot turn on or recharge well, it means that the problem is really because of your charger. But if other phones are charged smoothly, it means you must be aware of the smartphone.

2. Check the Terminal Port

Okay, there is no problem with the charger. So, this is time to check the device. It can be started from the terminal charging port. Often, users are just careless in plugging in and out the charger to the device. It can cause small damage to the terminal area. Since the damage may be invisible, it is not bad to use something like a magnifying glass.

It is possible also that the port has been covered by dirt and dust. This matter often blocks the electric stream to enter the device. If the area is indeed dirty, clean it smoothly using a wet cotton bud and wipe it with the dry one until it is really dry. Wait for some minutes before connecting it to the charger. Don’t plug it in when the port is still wet.

3. Check the Battery

Different from some old smartphone series in which the battery is portable, many new series uses the built-in battery. So, it is almost impossible to take it out except you use a professional service. 

Therefore, the easiest way to check whether the battery has a problem or not is by checking the rear area of your smartphone. Take a look at it carefully to see if there is a bulge appearing.

The bulge indicates that the battery has been swollen and damaged. It is mostly caused by carelessness in recharging. For example, it is recharged continuously even if the battery has even full. If you see the bulge, it means that the battery needs to be replaced. So, you can go to the service center to make it right.

4. Force to Restart It

The last way you can do to fix a Galaxy S21 that won’t turn on is by restarting it. Restarting conventionally is impossible in this situation. To force it press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons for around 10 to 30 seconds. Release them when the terminal power is on. 

If it still doesn’t work, well, it means a worse condition. Make sure to go to the Samsung service center to solve the Galaxy S21 won’t turn on.

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