How to Take Screenshot Galaxy s21?

How to take a screenshot Galaxy S21. Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the series from the brands with many demands currently.
How to Take Screenshot Galaxy S21
How to Take Screenshot Galaxy S21

How to Take Screenshot Galaxy S21 | 5 Possible Ways to Do

How to take a screenshot Galaxy S21? Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the series from the brands with many demands currently. It has some beautiful designs as well as stunning features that make your activities with the smartphone more interesting.

One of the features available in the screenshot. Sure, the feature should not be familiar enough as many other smartphone series has it also. But in Galaxy S21, you can even do it in 5 ways. So, what are they?

Physical Buttons

One of the ways is using physical buttons. This method has been known if you have used Samsung devices before. To take a screenshot, you need to set the screen area first. Next, push lower volume and power buttons together. If the screen has clapped, it is a sign that you have successfully taken a screenshot. Now, you can go to Gallery to see the result.

The Palm Swipe Feature

For the users of Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra, you can also use the Palm Swipe feature. To activate it, you need to go to Setting > Advanced Features > Movement& Gestures. Next, activate the option Palm Swipe to Capture.

Now, you can use your palm to capture the screen you want. It is by swiping the palm to the smartphone screen. To know if the screen has been captured well, make sure that it has clapped. Next, you can just go to Gallery to see the screenshot result.

The Assistant Menu

To use this feature, first of all, you can go to the Setting app. Next, continue it by going to the sub-menu Accessibility > Interaction and Dexterity. There is an option of Assistant and you can just activate it. The Assistant menu from Samsung is ready to use. You can let it do anything you want including making screenshots of particular areas of the smartphone screen.

The Accessibility Menu

Samsung also provided the Accessibility menu to enable you to do some actions with your smartphone. One of them is by taking a screenshot. First of all, you must activate it for sure. Start it by entering the Setting menu or app and continue it with Accessibility > Installed Services and get the option Accessibility Menu. Click the button to activate it. Now, you can use it for screenshots and many other things.

Use Your Voice

Along with the development of technology, many big brands including Samsung try their best to provide sophisticated features to their users. Well, in Samsung Galaxy S21, you can use your voice to do many actions. The screenshot is one of them. For this function, Samsung and other Android smartphones have cooperated with Google.

You can use the service of Google Assistant to make some screenshots. Yes, you can just ask your smartphone to do it. The keyword is “OK Google, screenshot". As long as you say it clearly, Google simply detects your voice and the command in it. Not long, your smartphone screen has clapped and it is a sign that the screenshot has just done. So, are you interested in screenshot Galaxy S21 this way?

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